15 Nov, 2022
We're still here 👋

Our changelog has not been updated since February but that does not mean that we abandoned InPrivy. Maintenance updates were deployed regularly and we also fixed a couple of "paper-cuts" during that time.

We see your great feature requests and are planning to get to those within the next weeks. Since we're a very small team of two, also developing and maintaining other projects, InPrivy has not received the love and care it deserves in the recent months. But we're back at it.

We plan to launch the next update sometime in December with a few new features, an updated UI and other improvements and additions.

Rest assured that InPrivy will not be abandoned. We care about each of our projects, but time flies faster than we'd like and it's hard to keep up with everything at the same time.

Updates are coming. Stay tuned.

06 Feb, 2022
Submit your feature requests and ideas

We, the company behind InPrivy, are currently preparing to launch our latest tool "FeatureShift". As part of the private beta, we are now using it for InPrivy and our other platform eniston Knowledge Bases.

Please excuse any minor bugs you may encounter as we're preparing for launch.

As part of the switch, we are no longer sending out product updates via newsletter. You can subscribe to updates (coming soon) to stay informed about product updates. Be sure to check back after February 20th.

Want a feature for InPrivy? Let us know.

To submit your feedback, simply head over to, create an account (or login via Google, GitHub or LinkedIn) and create a new submission. You are also welcome to upvote or comment any existing submissions.

We're looking forward to your feedback. 📝

03 Dec, 2021
December updates

Today we're excited to announce a few cool things that were requested within the past couple of weeks while running our AppSumo Lifetime deal.

Password protected links

By far the most requested feature was the possibility to protect generated links with a password. And that is possible as of today.

To secure your secrets, simply set a password while generating your secret. So even if someone gains access to your sharable link, they can only unlock it with a valid password.

Attachments just got better

Ever since launching InPrivy, our main focus was sharing secrets like passwords, SSH keys and other sensitive information as text only. Initially, it was not possible to attach files to secrets. After a few weeks have passed, we introduced attachments. They were limited to 5MB per file and only to a handful of extensions were allowed.

Today, we're happy to tell you that the limit was upped to 100MB per file and even more allowed file-types including zip, mp3, mp4, psd, sketch, flac and many more are now supported. Let us know if you are in need for any specific extension.

We also completely revamped the uploader, which is now a nice drag-and-drop field with direct upload progress.

The smaller stuff

We also made a few minor changes and additions.

First of all, the "Secret" limit length is changed from 1000 to 1500 characters.

It is now also possible to change the date format. The default remains MM/DD/YYYY, but you may change it to DD/MM/YYYY in your account settings.

You may also now set an OG image in your branding settings. This can be used when sharing a secret in a messenger or service that supports the og:image tag.

And last but not least, we implemented webhook notifications. So you can be notified whenever your secrets are opened or voided due to exceeding the expiration data. This is an addition to the existing email notifications. You can define and test your webhook endpoint in your account settings. More about this in our docs.

07 Nov, 2021
November updates

Some time has passed since the last product update. But today we're excited to announce a few cool things we've been working on the past weeks.

Introducing German translations

This one was kind of overdue, since we are actually based in Germany. Visitors and customers from Germany can now change their default language to Deutsch. "Wunderbar!" Head over to to see it live. If you already signed up and want to change your language, simply edit your account settings.

Team Management has arrived

You may now share sensitive information in a team. Invite as many members as you need, apply roles and see who created and shared secrets. This is especially useful for small or medium-sized agencies who often exchange sensitive data with clients.

Team Management is available as a separate add-on and can be unlocked with a one-time payment.

It just got cheaper

A few months ago we made a short survey on our current pricing model and asked existing and potential customers what they think would be a fair pricing for a service like InPrivy.

And yeah, we heard you! 😅 So we lowered our pricing by a whopping 62 percent! Our monthly plan now starts at just $3.50 (or 3€). And when paying annually, you save 2 full months!

Top-ups also got cheaper. You may now top-up your account for just $6 (pr 5€) to generate 20 shareable secrets. Repeat as often as you like, whenever you need. No obligations.

We were able to lower our prices because we also introduced "add-ons". Those are features that only power-users or agencies will need. Add-ons can be unlocked with one-time payments, so no additional subscription or other recurring costs.

17 Jul, 2021
Introducing our free "Secrets Tool"

Earlier this month we released a few updates and also a way to share secrets without having an account. This makes it really easy to quickly share a password or private note. Secrets can be opened only once and will expire 7 days after creation, if not opened before.

Visit our free "Secrets Tool" and get started. Share it with friends and family to make sure they also share their sensitive information in a secure way.

Our Password Generator has also been a very popular tool we released a few months ago.